Defining your

The process of building a strong brand starts with focusing on the core essence of who you are, what you do, and why your audiences should care.

We work on combining your authentic purpose with insight and strategy towards creative ideas that differentiate your business in compelling ways.


Exploration and Research

Where is your brand today? Does it have a well defined promise? Is it consistent with the behaviours of your front line staff? Does it come across as convincing? Trustworthy? Genuine?

By way of site visits, online research, in-person interviews and workshops, we get a clear picture of how your brand is perceived and valued today.

Brand Articulation

Articulating the brand is about defining the “real” business at hand and creating a position in your customers mind of the authentic offering you have as a business. It is about clearly answering how the strategic imperative can be best communicated to your intended audiences.

Brand Platform

Developing a comprehensive brand platform that unites all aspects of what the organization stands for and what it means  to each stakeholder audience.