Riverstone Branding is a confluence of talent specifically tailored to solving the challenge of getting branding done right. Our collaborative model brings together best of breed talent according to the unique needs of each client.

Roger focuses on the business side of things, client management as well as overall client strategy and customer experience.

Executive Director

Roger Brenninkmeyer

416-915 4900 ext 23

Paul is all about brand identity development and management. This includes creating a cohesive brand expression across multiple touchpoints and media.

Creative Director

Paul Browning

416-915 4900 ext 22

Sheena works with all our clients, making sure the complexities of each project are managed and executed with care and precision.

Client Services

Sheena Mota

Tom is great at designing consistency within corporate identity work. His flair for detail and wit and sense of aesthetic is sensed in all our work.

Identity Design

Tom Leo

Hazel is passionate about customer service and is working with brands to better understand their customer voice, their journey and impact on retention.

Customer Experience

Hazel van Werken

With over 25 years of market Intelligence and thought leadership, Terry gets answers to tough marketing questions while heading up market research for our clients.

Qualitative Research

Terry Boyle, P.Eng

Don has worked with brands in many contexts and focused his skills on helping companies best articulate themselves through strategic visioning and writing.

Copywriting, Brand Strategy

Don Kerr